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Harness the power of the moon

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Cleanse & Purify

build a self-care routine that works in harmony with the moon's phases. whilst the moon journeys to it's full state, it's energy steadily increases. this is the perfect time to cleanse and perform magic that focuses on setting intentions and manifesting things into your life. once the full moon has passed, it's energy begins to wane. this is the perfect time to cleanse and perform magic that focuses on banishing things from your life and prioritising your mental health and energy. 

Plan your moon rituals

syncing your magic with the moon's phases can enhance the efficacy of the spell, incantation, or ritual that you're performing. magic that aims to bring something into your life should be performed during the first half of the moon's cycle. and magic that aims to repel or get rid of something should be performed during the second half of the moon's cycle. 

using specialist moon ritual candles designed for moon magic keeps your magic focussed and in tune with the moon's energies.

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