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Luxury Love Spell Box

Luxury Love Spell Box


Introducing the Luxury Love Spell Kit: Experience the power of love and enchantment with our meticulously crafted collection of magical essentials. This enchanting kit is thoughtfully designed to help you manifest and enhance love in your life. 


At the heart of the Luxury Love Spell Kit are two exquisite 4" hand-rolled beeswax pillar spell candles, elegantly adorned in a captivating dark pink hue. These candles serve as potent focal points, channeling your intentions and creating a sacred atmosphere for your rituals.


Immerse yourself in the sensuous embrace of our handmade Rose Petals soap, carefully crafted to evoke the essence of romance and passion. Let its delicate fragrance and silky texture enhance your bathing experience, indulging your senses and setting the stage for love to blossom.


Unlock the transformative power of our Love Bath Potion, a captivating elixir formulated with ancient herbs and aromatic essences renowned for their love-enhancing properties. Infuse your bathwater with this potion to cleanse, rejuvenate, and align yourself with the energy of love, inviting its abundant blessings into your life.


To further amplify your intentions, the Luxury Love Spell Kit includes a 10ml bottle of Love Anointing Oil, specially created to anoint your candles with intention and imbue them with the essence of love. With each drop, you infuse your spells with a potent blend of aromatic oils, enhancing their potency and magnifying their effects.


Delve into the wisdom and guidance of the included colour A4 print of our Love Spell, thoughtfully designed to provide inspiration and guidance on your magical journey. Allow the spell's enchanting words to guide your intentions and manifest your desires with clarity and purpose.


For those new to the world of candle magic, the candle colour chart acts as a valua