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Yule Blessings Loose-Leaf Ritual Tea for Yule

Yule Blessings Loose-Leaf Ritual Tea for Yule


Introducing our enchanting "Yule Blessings Loose-Leaf Ritual Tea for Yule," a blend that captures the essence of this festive season and invites you to embrace the magic and warmth of Yule.


Crafted with care and intention, this blend brings together a symphony of flavors and aromas that resonate with the Yule spirit. Luxury Hibiscus petals, apple, rosehip, cranberry, elderberry, and lingonberry pieces create a rich tapestry of taste. Complementing these fruits are star anise, lemongrass, whole cloves, and a touch of chili flakes, creating a truly unique experience for your senses.


Sourced from various corners of the world – Canada, USA, Thailand, and Spain – the blend weaves together the energies of different landscapes. Grown at an elevation of approximately 1000 feet above sea level, the ingredients reflect the diversity of Yule celebrations.


As the tea steeps, the pungent fruity character intertwines with the warmth of spices, enveloping you in an aromatic embrace. The deep burgundy red hue, reminiscent of Yule fires, varies in shade depending on your infusion time.


With each sip, you'll encounter a full fruity flavor that unfolds into a warming chilli sensation. The absence of caffeine ensures a comforting and tranquil experience, making it perfect for moments of reflection during the Yule season.


Allow the contented well-being that this tea offers to wash over you. As the flavors of apple, cranberry, and a touch of chili dance on your palate, you'll feel a connection to the spirit of Yule itself.


With a medium-bodied strength, this blend strikes the perfect balance between flavors and intensity, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the Yule festivities.


As you brew a cup of "Yule Blessings Loose-Leaf Ritual Tea for Yule," you're inviting the energies of the season to envelop you. Let its flavours and intentions become a part of your Yule celebrations, warming your heart and soul as you embrace the magic of this special time.




Add one teaspoon to a normal cup or mug of boiling water and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. Add two teaspoons if you intend to add milk (we think it tastes better without). Use a strainer if you'd prefer not to have bits in your tea, but it's not compulsory as all the bits generally sink to the bottom allowing you to drink it all. 



Luxury Hibiscus petals, Apple,Rosehip,Cranberry,Elderberry and Lingonberry Pieces, Star Anise, Lemongrass, Whole Cloves, Chilli Flakes and Natural flavours (Cranberry pieces: Sugar,Cranberry Rice powder,Vegetable sunflower oil)



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